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This site is dedicated to socially responsible engineering. It is designed to complement the book "Citizen Engineer" with more dynamic content, including news, forums, and feedback.

The site also includes a complete copy of the book available under the Creative Commons Noncommercial Share Alike license. We also have links for ordering the book from the publisher, as well as popular online book sellers (see right Sidebar).

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Rallying Cry for Citizen Engineers

Ryan Martens of Rally Software wrote a great piece on being a Citizen Engineer at Co-Exist. A key point:

As my friend Christopher Avery likes to say, “The keys to responsibility come in three steps: Intention, awareness, and confrontation.” We need to become engineers that set our intention by answering: “Why am I working on this? What is the meaning and principle behind my work? How can I make it even more meaningful?”

Talk at Northeastern Univ.

10/13/2010 11:40
10/13/2010 15:00

Giving a talk in Steve Klosterman's class on 21st Century Product Development.

Dave's Earth Day 2010 Message

Today, on the 40th Earth Day, we look back at where we’ve come from, but also look forward to where we’d like to go. And while, as Americans, we’re compelled to look towards Washington and focus on what our politicians have done in past, and may or may not do in the future, on behalf of the environment, we also need to look at our innovation system and how we keep it healthy as well. Read more on Dave's blog....

Earth Day 2010

04/22/2010 08:47

Greg at Georgia Tech

04/03/2010 09:00

Greg presenting at Georgia Tech.

Website Fixes

This site got totally spammed, so I had to clean up the user logins and clean out the Book forum. Apologies if I messed any real accounts or content up - I don't think I did, but you never know. If you have any questions, please contact me at dd at this domain.

Open Source Supply Chain Mapping Tool

A potentially very open source tool out of MIT to help with mapping supply chains for products. I like the idea of making it a crowd-sourcing exercise - there's no overall economic gain if everyone reproduces the same work.

Sourcemap: http://www.sourcemap.org/beta/stage/index.php

Status of the Book

The book is out and available on-line, but doesn't appear to be available in stores yet.

InformIT (the publisher's site), Amazon, B&N and Borders all see to have it available (see links to the right). Note that there is a Kindle version available - people email'ed me last week that they'd gotten their Kindle copy already (available off of the Amazon book page - again, click to the right).

Borders says it isn't available in stores yet on their website, and I haven't heard of anyone buying one there yet.

Note that there is also an audio version in the works, more details to come.

Dave at the Ceres Conference

04/15/2009 08:30

Dave is on the opening panel of the 20th anniversary Ceres conference.

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